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DANIEL® Senior-Isonic SmartLink Software

Daniel Senior-Isonic smartlink-software
Daniel SmartLink Device List View
Daniel SmartLink Historical Data View
Daniel SmartLink Dual Wave From View
Daniel SmartLink Live Data View


  • SmartLink, an intelligent, intuitive and simplified diagnostic software designed to facilitate the meter’s configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. It guides operators through any suspect / upset conditions before measurement is compromised.


  • Performance-Based diagnostics for each path include; gas velocity, signal to noise ratios, speed of sound, gain, percent-performance and more.

  • Dynamic-Based diagnostics include; turbulence, swirl, cross-flow, profile factor and other disturbnces in the pipeline.


This software was created focusing on “simplicity” avoiding complex and complicated data screens. The user no longer struggles with confusing charts, too many screens and too much data.


SmartLink was designed with an Intelligent dashboard, simplified and easily personalized by selecting graphical or numerical data and dragging in to an intuitive dashboard. Simplified adaptable to meet most user’s needs for reliable, accurate and continuous flow analysis. SmartLink provides performance-base and dynamic flow-based diagnostics to ensure continuous performance, reliability and accuracy 24/7.

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