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Daniel Orifice-Plates-dn


  • Line Size .25-in to 36-in (75 mm to 10970 mm)

  • Uncertainty of Discharge Coefficient ±0.5% of flow rate

  • Flow Turndown 10:1 or better

  • Max. Operating Pressure ANSI 2500

  • Process Temperature Range-20°F to +160°F (-29°C to +71°C)

  • Fluid Type Liquid, gas

  • Process Wetted Material 316/316L Stainless Steel


  • Improve performance and durability by selecting from various integral plate seals

  • Enhance measurement of clean, dry gas or low viscosity fluids with a 45  bevel on the bore hole periphery

  • Counter, Segmental, Eccentric, and Quarter Round bores are available to improve performance on dirty applications or other challenging fluids

  • Quality control ensures plate bore size and bevel complies with AGA 3, API 14.3 or ISO 5167

  • Simplify troubleshooting and minimize long-term maintenance by using the simplest measurement device that does not require calibration

  • Ensure and verify measurement accuracy to meet customer design standards

  • Note: Please refer to the Plate Datasheet for Plate Models and Seal Model selections


  • Daniel takes great strides in producing quality products and takes no exception when providing exceptional performance and durability of Orifice Plates and Plate Seals. These simple and effective differential pressure measurement solutions have been serving the oil and gas industry for more than 85 years and have remained one of the most widely used technologies.


  • Every Daniel Orifice Plate and Seal is manufactured to ensure compliance with industry standards and meet specific application requirements for custody transfer of oil and gas as well as allocation measurement. Daniel offers a variety of plate models with different orifice plate bore options and can supply the customer with various seal options dependent on the application type. Below are a few benefits customers can appreciate when using Daniel Orifice Plates and Orifice Seals.


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