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Accuload - Microload - Flow Computer

TechnipFMC Brand Overview

Accuload - Microload - Flow Computer

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• Calculated Accuracy: The gross at standard temperature to gross volume ratio, excluding the accuracy of fluid
temperature measurement, exactly matches the proper volume correction factor of ASTM-D-1250-04 over the fluid
temperature range of -58 °F to 302 °F (-50 °C to 150 °C).
• Temperature Measurement Accuracy: Fluid temperature is measured to within ±0.72 °F (±0.4 °C) over the fluid
temperature range of -328 °F to 572 °F (-200 °C to 300 °C). Fluid temperature is measured to within ±0.45 °F
(±0.25 °C) over the fluid temperature range of 32 °F to 572 °F (0 °C to 300 °C).
• Stability: 0.1 °F (0.06 °C)/year
• Flow Totalizing: Within one pulse of input frequency

AccuLoad ST, ST-UG3, and N4 Hardware
Digital Inputs AC DC Total
Standard 5 6 11
Optional A4I 5 16 21
Digital Outputs AC DC Total
Standard 11 3 14
Optional (one A4I) 31 3 34
Analog inputs/outputs (up to six)

AccuLoad QT and QT-UG3 Hardware
Digital Inputs AC DC Total
Standard 9 142 23
Optional (one A4I) 9 24 33
Optional (two A4Is) 9 34 43
Digital Outputs AC DC Total
Standard 27 112 38
Optional (one A4I) 47 11 58
Optional (two A4Is) 67 11 78
Analog inputs/outputs (up to six)

AccuLoad IV-SA Hardware
Digital Inputs Per Board Set Total
Description AC DC One Board Set Two Board Sets Three Board Sets Four Board Sets
Standard 9 142 23 46 69 92
Optional A4I 9 242 33 66 99 122
Digital Outputs Per Board Set
Description AC DC One Board Set Two Board Sets Three Board Sets Four Board Sets
Standard 27 11 38 76 114 152
Optional A4I 47 11 58 116 174 232
Analog inputs/outputs (up to six)


  • • Individually configurable loading arm functions for:
    • Straight product delivery
    • Sequential blending
    • Ratio blending
    • Hybrid blending
    • Vapor recovery unit (VRU) operation
    • Unloading operation
    • Up to six products for each load arm
    • Simultaneous operation of all load arms
    • User-configurable inputs and outputs
    • Additive control for metered, smart, and piston injectors
    • Digital or analog valve flow control
    • Single- and dual-channel meter pulse inputs
    • Fully configurable flow profile
    • Alarm monitoring with configurable action
    • Standalone operation or remote-controlled
    through-communication link
    • Measurement profile:
    • Automatic temperature and pressure compensation
    and density correction
    • American Petroleum Institute (API) tables for light
    products to crude oils
    • Biofuel volumetric compensation
    • Meter factor linearization
    • Extensive security:
    • Five levels of passcodes
    • Per-parameter access control
    • Audit log of parameter changes
    • Onboard diagnostics:
    • Detailed operational status
    • Manual control of inputs/outputs
    • Event logging
    • Communication monitoring
    • Valve solenoid maintenance monitoring
    • Valve tuning assistance
    • Ethernet and serial communications:
    • Modbus
    • Network printing
    • Proximity card reader
    • Driver access database
    • Promass interface
    • Configurable bill of lading (BOL)
    • Browser-based remote access:
    • Control/monitoring of loading process
    • Diagnostic information
    • Virtual loading screen anywhere on the network
    • Built-in virtual load rack (VLR) simulates loading rack
    equipment for diagnostics and training
    • Boolean/algebraic processing
    • Automatic flow control with recovery
    • Linux operating system for networking
    • Color liquid-crystal display (LCD) with touch screen
    user interface

Technip FMC Smith Accuload IV Capabilities Image.png

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