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DANIEL® Senior-Isonic Electronics

Daniel Senior-Isonic Electronics left side picture
Daniel Senior-Isonic Electronics Rear View Picture
Daniel Senior-Isonic Electronics Wirless Housing View Picture


  • Conformities OIM LR 137-1 &2:2012 AGA-Report No. 9 , ISO 17089-1, A TEX: 2014/34/EU, 

  • Hazardous Approvals: 
    ATEX/IECEx Exd ia 11B+H2 T4 ... T6 NEC/CEC (US/CA) Explosion-proof / Intrinsically Safe: Class I, Div. 1 Groups B, C, D, T4 ... T6   


  • Performance-Based diagnostics for each path include; gas velocity, signal to noise ratios, speed of sound, gain, percent-performance and more.

  • Dynamic-Based diagnostics include; turbulence, swirl, cross-flow, profile factor and other disturbnces in the pipeline.


Analog Outputs: Qty(2) 4-20mA, Electrically Isolated 4-20mA

Analog Inputs: Qty (2) 4-20mA

Digital Outputs: Qty (4) 2 x status, 2 x pulse fm􀀠 = 1 OkHz 
passive, electrically isolated,
internal or external power, open collector


  • Archived Data: Meter - Every Minute (10,000 items)

  • Cloud - Every Minute (10,00 Items) on demand Hourly (No Limit) Daily (No Limit)

  • Alarm/Event Logs: Meter - Event Log (10,000 events) 
    Parameter modification Log (1,000 modifications) Alarm Log (1,000 alarms) 

  • Cloud: Event Log (no limit)
    Parameter Modification Log (no limit)
    Alarms Log (no limit)


Communication Ports: 

RS485 - Modbus RTU 3 x RS485

Ethernet: 1 x Ethenret, 1 x Wi-Fi

Cloud Communication: 4g

Voltage 12-30 VDC 

Power Consumption 2.8W, During 4G Communication 6W

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