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DANIEL® Senior-Isonic SmartLink Transducer

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  • The iSonic transducers were designed to meet today’s most demanding rigorous applications. Fully encapsulated in Titanium and Stainless Steel able to resist extreme harsh environments including, wet-gas, corrosives, and abrasive contaminants commonly found in pipelines.


  • Inherent transducer reciprocity allows for replacing the transducers without affecting the meter’s accuracy or needing re-calibration. Matching transducers is unnecessary.


The iSonic (patent pending) transducer is today’s most innovative, intelligent and proven design. Whether by choice or application we offer three transducer versions to adress a wide range of applications including; high pressure, low pressure and sour environments.


  • Insight metering systems extensive expertise in transducer design and development ensures performance and reliability as well as able to customize to meet every application. Intelligent transducer, combined with high speed electronics and lightning-fast signal processing can guarantee accurate, reliable measurement 24/7 even under most severe flowing conditions.


  • Transducer piezo-crystals operate outside the process, fully protected from abrasion, corrosion, and pipeline hazards, ensuring durability, reliabilty, repeatability and accuracy. The transducer mounting arrangement (patent pending) provides unparalleled acoustic isolation that yields extraordinary signal to noise ratios, resulting in total elimination of meter body crosstalk-interference and path sampling at higher speed levels never achieved before.

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