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At FMS, customer service is our first priority. We take pride in delivering quality, cost-effective products, solutions, and support on time, anywhere! 

Automation Field Service Image.jpg


Custom Panels, Programming, Troubleshooting - PLCs, Electronic Presets, Batch Controllers, Flow Computers, RTU's, Control Room Interfaces, Servers, Data, Communications, Security

Industrial Instrument Calibration image.jpeg


FMS Installs, Calibrates & Programs all types of Flow, Pressure, Temperature Level & Analytical Products!

Industrial Electrical Mechanical Vertical.png

Electrical \ Mechanical 

FMS has over 30 years of experience in Explosion Proof Hazardous Rated Areas for both Electrical & Mechanical Services in All Industries! 

Industrial Construction image.png


FMS and its Sub Contractors utilize today's modern equipment, updated safety practices assisting in your new construction, upgrades or repairs. 

Industrial site evaluation image.png

Site Evaluations

System performance, loss\gains, accuracies, reporting, Health & Safety, Code Enforcement

Project Management.png

Project Management

FMS has extensive experience in assisting in both Field Construction Project Management and EPC capabilities for fast moving on time solutions!

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