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DANIEL® Senior-Isonic Flowmeter

Daniel Senior-Isonic 8x angled front view
Daniel Senior-Isonic 8x Front View PIc
Daniel Senior-Isonic 8x Cut Away Front View Pic
Daniel Senir-Isonic 8x Angled Cut Away View Pic
Daniel Senior-Isonic 8x Angled Front View Installed Pic


  • A multi-path flowmeter masterfully designed for custody transfer applications Fully compliant with AGA 9, OIML R 137 Class 0.5, and ISO 17089. Conformities include ATEX 2014/34/ EU, NEC/CEC (US/CA) explosionproof and Intrinsically Safe


  • The iSonic was designed to meet the harsh environment from the field including abrasion, extended temperatures and corrosion. Factory standard body material is carbon steel with multilayer epoxy coating. We offer different materials and coatings to meet other challenging applications.


Available in sizes 3”- 24” 2 standard path configurations:

8 path 4x4 cross Westinghouse 6 path 3x3 cross Westinghouse Other designs available Designed for working pressures ranging from 14.7 - 3,750 psig


  • Performance-Based diagnostics for each path include; gas velocity, signal to noise ratios, speed of sound, gain, percent-performance and more.

  • Dynamic-Based diagnostics include; turbulence, swirl, cross-flow, profile factor and other disturbnces in the pipeline.


Suitable for most applications across the Oil & Gas value chain, including upstream, processing, midstream, and distribution Meter body designed to keep the transducer cables protected and neatly confined. This practical feature greatly extends the life of the flowmeter


  • Also available as an option, a sun-shield designed to protect the electronics and display from damaging sun rays

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