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DANIEL® Chexter Check Valve

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  • Aluminum Bronze, Carbon Steel, or Stainless-Steel DANIEL - CHEXTER™ Check Valves

  • Model: 1603, Class 300 Sizes: 2" - 30" (50 – 750mm)


  • Spring returns disc to fully closed position prior to reverse flow, minimizing water hammer.

  • • Disc is counter-weighted, utilizing gravity to additionally insure closure. • Soft seal is located out of the flow path to reduce erosion effects.

  • • High Cv values due to aerodynamic disc shape and near full port opening. – Superior to other check valve designs, similar to Butterfly valves.


  • 1603-E Aluminum Bronze 515psi @ 100°F 36 bar @ 38°C 360psi @ 450°F 25 bar @ 232°C

  • 1603-A Carbon Steel 740psi @ 100°F 51 bar @ 38°C 617psi @ 450°F 43 bar @ 232°C

  • 1603-C Stainless Steel 720psi @ 100°F 50 bar @ 38°C 497psi @ 450°F 34 bar @ 232°C


  • Construction

  • • Robust cast body is wafer style, featuring compact face-to-face dimensions to fit in small spaces.

  • • Designed to fit within ANSI bolt circles.

  • • Variety of trim and seat materials are available, both soft and metal-to-metal. – Parts are interchangeable. • Disc rotates on the hinge pin, creating very low pivot friction, so little wear in operation.


  • Compact design with short face-to-face dimensions for minimum space requirements.

  • • Single moving part insures long, trouble-free service life.

  • • Seal-ring is one piece, easily replaceable in the field.

  • • Interchangeable parts for ease of maintenance. • Operates fully at low pressure differential.


  • installation Can be installed horizontally or vertically. – Consult factory for downward vertical flow applications. – In horizontal applications, valve should be installed top up, with shaft should be aligned horizontally with the top up (hinge pin plugs are above the pipe centerline).

  • • Good piping practice recommends installing a distance of 5 to 10 pipe diameters from elbows, pumps, or others turbulence creating devices.

  • • DANIEL CHEXTER Specialty strongly recommends the installation of a strainer ahead of the pump to ensure protection of both the pump and the valve from foreign particles.

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