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Flange ConnectionsValve size: 2″ to 4″
Maximum working pressure at 100º F


  • 285 psi (1,964 kPa)

  • 740 psi (5,099 kPa)

  • 1,480 psi (10,197 kPa)

Temperature Range: -20º F to 150º F (-29º C to 66º C)


  • No power required

  • No diaphragms or stuffing boxes

  • Modular construction: all internal parts, including seat ring, can be removed with the cylinder assembly without disturbing line connections
    *Line must be drained and valve must be isolated for service.

  • 45º body design assures high capacity Positive shut-off, ANSI Leakage Class VI (ANSI B16.105 – 1976)

  • Inherently check valve functionality Metal-to-metal seat with protected o-ring

  • Full working pressure (ANSI 150, 300 and 600)

  • Pilotless

  • Tamper-proof set point locking capable


Materials of Construction Valve body: Carbon steel
Cylinder: 17-4 stainless steel
Piston: 304 stainless steel
Seat Ring: 303 stainless steel
Elastomers: Viton
Spring: Chromium silicone (877 Grade A)
(877 Grade A) springs
Tubing and fittings: 316 stainless steel*
*Pressure sensing line needed to perform check valve functionality. Not a pilot line


Spring RangesField adjustable, valve differential pressure range


  • Range #1: 5 – 40 psi (single light spring)

  • Range #2: 30 – 80 psi (single heavy spring)

  • Range #3: 30 – 120 psi (light and heavy, nested springs)

Selection Requirements1. Line Size
2. Pressure
3. Temperature
4. Set Point Pressure*
5. Flange Connections
*Note: Set point is used to determine spring range. Customer will need to adjust set point in the field.


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