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Area-Velocity Open-Channel Flowmeter

Enclosure:– Watertight and dustproof (IP66).
Power Input:– 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ., 5.28 watts, 9-36VDC.
Outputs:– 3x Isolated 4-20mA into 1000 ohm load. Programmable for Flow, Level or Velocity. RS 232 Option Serial and Windows Software.
Relays:– 2 x form ‘C’ dry contacts rated 5 amp SPDT Programmable for Flow Proportional pulse (sampler/totalizer) flow and/or level alarm.
Velocity Range:– 0.11 to 6.2m/sec.
Level Range:– Minimum Head 25.4mm to maximum head 4.5m.
Accuracy Level:– 0.25% of Range,
Velocity:- +/-2% of Reading,
Linearity and Repeatability:– +/- 0.1%.

Irregular, open channel flow measurement solution with data logger and no need for flumes or weirs

  • For part filled pipe and open channel monitoring
  • 2 million point logger standard with software
  • Streamlined sensor for invasive measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Irregular channel
  • Monitor flows through partially full pipes or open channels
  • Eliminates the need for flumes or weirs
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Irregular channel shapes
  • Do to variations in this product offering, every unit is custom designed. Estimated delivery is 2-3 weeks after receiving order.


People typically use open-channel flowmeters to measure the flow rate of liquids in open channels like rivers, canals, and channels. Additionally, several applications employ open-channel flow meters. For instance, wastewater treatment plants often use them to monitor the flow of sewage through the various stages of the treatment process. Moreover, agricultural irrigation systems use these flowmeters to determine the amount of water delivering to crops. In the same vein, stormwater management systems utilize open-channel flowmeters to monitor the amount of runoff water that enters the drainage system during heavy rainfall. Therefore, open-channel flow meters play a vital role in measuring liquid flow rates in open channels, and they have widespread applications.

  • The treatment plant uses Area-Velocity Open-channel flowmeters to measure the flow of water, which is important to ensure that the treatment process is working effectively.

  • Farmers and irrigation managers use area-velocity open channel flow meters to measure the water flow in irrigation channels, which helps them manage the water supply to crops.

  • For managing flood risk and ensuring that drainage systems are working effectively, stormwater management uses open channel flow meters to measure the flow of stormwater in channels and culverts.

  • In wastewater treatment plants, personnel use open channel flow meters to measure the flow of wastewater. They use these measurements to manage the treatment process and ensure that they discharge effluent of suitable quality.

  • Environmental monitoring: Open channel flow meters are used in environmental monitoring programs to measure the flow of rivers and other waterways, which is important for understanding the movement of water and pollutants in the environment.
  • Hydroelectric power generation: Open channel flow meters are used to measure the flow of water in hydroelectric power generation systems, which is important for managing the power output of the system.


Generally, open channel flow meters measure the flow of liquids in a range of applications and are a valuable tool. Specifically, these devices are ideal for situations where the liquid is flowing freely in an open channel. Moreover, large-scale operations, such as wastewater treatment plants or irrigation systems, particularly benefit from these meters’ effectiveness in measuring liquid flow. Additionally, engineers prefer open channel flow meters over closed conduit meters because they are easier to install and maintain. Therefore, we recommend considering open channel flow meters for any application where liquid flow measurement is necessary in an open channel.

Area Velocity Open Channel Flow Meter $5,455.00 – $10,869.00

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